Windows installation - setting root

Dan Dascalescu ddascalescu+nginx at
Thu Feb 5 09:52:19 MSK 2009

John Moore <grails at ...> writes:

> You're right about the forward slashes, but it turned out that was not 
> the root of the problem. It seems that the root directory has to be 
> within the nginx directory

Argh, I banged my head on the desk for an hour about this!

Indeed, nginx bases the root directory into the hardcoded path
even if you don't have Cygwin installed (I use Kevin Worthington's port).

Someone please fix this, it's extremely annoying.

> I clearly cannot specify an absolute path, it must be relative to and 
> within the nginx directory. I hope I'm mistaken about this.

There is a workaround, though, to use relative directory paths:

    location / {
        root   ../www;

This will get you the root directory set to c:\www, if nginx lives in C:\nginx.

Dan Dascalescu

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