bugreport - connection broke on slow clients in proxy mode

Tomáš Hála hala.tomas at active24.cz
Fri Feb 6 17:15:26 MSK 2009

we use nginx as reverse proxy to apache server and if we use 
proxy_max_temp_file_size directive to limit the size of files buffering, 
downloading larger files with slow connection is always be broken and it 
is nessesary to start downloading again.

For example, how to replicate the problem:
Use "proxy_max_temp_file_size 10M" in the proxy configuration, generate 
about 40MB binary file in document root of the proxyed apache (or maybe 
other webserver as well) and try to download it with speed limited to 
100k/sec. For example with wget:
wget -t 1 --limit-rate=100k http://server/file

Downloading will fail aproximatly in 12MB. If you download it with full 
speed (10M in my case), there will be no problem. If you download it 
directly from the apache server running on diferent tcp port, there will 
by also no problem. The problem appears on latest stable (0.6.35) 
version as well as on latest development (0.7.33).
Feel free to ask me about more details.
Best Regards Tomas Hala

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