Works - but loses some graphics, and non-SSL saves index.php

Rob Schultz rschultz7 at
Sat Feb 14 06:23:18 MSK 2009

On Feb 13, 2009, at 9:06 PM, Stefan Scott wrote:
> This seems like it should be straightforward - I just want to serve
> phpMyAdmin from a sub-URL ( instead of  
> from
> a vhost ( And I want to use SSL.  
> (Actually I
> really just want to use SSL on the POST on the login page - but I
> haven't figured out how to shut off SSL for the other pages yet -  
> which
> is gonna be a whole 'nother can of worms I guess.)

You are going to open yourself up to security issues if you go to a  
http after authentication. All your information will be able to be  
sniffed and potentially get the session id for your current session  
and get into your phpmyadmin install that way. if you want it to be  
secure you need to start on https and stay on https.

> Thanks for any help.
> - Stefan Scott
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