Need help with converting this htaccess to nginx rewrite

Brian Zerangue lists at
Sat Feb 14 21:57:28 MSK 2009

Jim and Igor -

Thank you both for your help and input. Unfortunately, I need to spend 
more time in a local environment trying to learn how to get this up and 

I kept getting Server Errors (500) when even running phpinfo(); just to 
test php. I couldn't get it running ever.

NGINX is really impressive. It would be nice to have a "NGINX for 
dummies" tutorial that goes step by step, even showing the basic setup 
to get PHP up and running properly. I followed the "Perfect setup 
As well as some in the English wiki. Everyone, I kept getting 500 
errors. Or I'd get "no valid input" notification.

Again, I'm sure it's something I'm doing. But if y'all know of the 
simplest "NGINX for dummies" tutorial to get PHP working and basic 
virtual host setup for PHP. That would be helpful.

Again, thank you both for your quick replies. It was very helpful!

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