Is it possible with nginx?

Peter Vage lists at
Mon Feb 16 00:05:31 MSK 2009

I would like to delegate dedicated server for hosting static files for
some of my websites. For example i have got domains,
and on first server. On second server I have got domain

I would like to ask you if this possible that i make links on web 1,2,3
which looks like:

browsers try to get files from this links but there aren't this files,
so on second server there is script index.php which download files from
right servers and create folders / ,
/ etc and send to browser this files. When
another browser want that files then there are just that files on server.

I don't know how to setu nginx config on second server that

This kind of solution is used by Coral CDN

Have you got any solution how to do this?
Maybe have you got any other idea how to create backup and speed up web
server at the same time?

Best regards
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