Is it possible with nginx?

Peter Vage lists at
Mon Feb 16 14:04:36 MSK 2009

Maxim Dounin wrote:
> When you use variables in proxy_pass you have to construct full
> url yourself.  I.e. you should use something like
>     proxy_pass http://$host_without_files$request_uri;
> Also note: with proxy_pass with variables nginx will be forced to
> resolve backend hostname for each request.  You may want to define
> appropriate upstream{} blocks for servers you are mirroring to
> avoid DNS resolving.

Maxim this way isn't work too, but you have right, better to create 
multiple server{}, then i have control, that i can cache only what i 
want, and as you told save cpu.

Thank you.


> p.s. It's probably good idea to use multiple server{}'s without using
> variables.  This will save some cpu.

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