Comodo EV SSL cert on nginx

Kurt Hansen khansen at
Tue Feb 17 00:48:04 MSK 2009


I'm just starting to evaluate nginx for our use. Looking good so far!

One of our biggest clients uses an EV SSL cert from Comodo. The EV certs 
have nice features on FireFox 3 and IE7; the address bar changes color 
and show the full name making customers more comfortable in making 
credit card transactions. Or so the theory goes.

For Comodo, you have to add their certs to the CA bundle and use 
ssl_certificate_client directive. I believe I've implemented this 
properly and it appears to be working.

However, I can't test out the FF3 and IE7 address features because they 
only work on the live site, so I don't know for certain that they are 

Is anybody using Comodo EV SSL certs on nginx? aOr, any EV SSL certs on 
nginx? If so, can you send me the link so I can see it in FF3 and IE7?

By the way, Comodo only charges US$359 for EV certs while VeriSign 
charges ~US$3000. If you are in the market for EV certs, check out Comodo.

Take care,

Kurt Hansen

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