Event-driven handler

Marcus Clyne eugaia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 16:01:02 MSK 2009

> However, for what you want to do, Nginx is the wrong choice.
> You should use something else like:
> 1) CGI, if your computation is CPU bound, and you don't need a 
> persistent connection to the database
> 2) Apache, if you want flexibility
> 3) Erlang, if you want a complete environment for writing both CPU and 
> IO bound scalable web applications
I'm looking into using libevent's HTTP interface. It will be much easier 
to plug my threaded solution into that.
> This is called polling, and is generally the wrong solution.
Yes, and I agree. ;-)
> With kqueue or epoll it is possible to receive notification for non IO 
> events, like signals or filesystem events.
I'm not very fimiliar with these yet - though I'm doing reading on it 
now (I'll probably use libevent's functions).
> But in your case, you can use a simple pipe.
> In the mailing list archive you can find an old discussione between me 
> and Igor, about this topic.
I'll check these out.

Thanks for your help.

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