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Sat Feb 21 03:24:38 MSK 2009


i have here a configuration, where a request to 
/forum/viewforum-18-bla.php is not parsed by php.

My Question is: why doesnt the "location ~ .php$" get's executed after 
the "location ^~ /forum/" is finished?

server is nginx 0.7.35 with fastcgi/php-cgi.

Here is my simplified non-working config file:

server {
         server_name  www.domain.com;

         location / {
             root   html;
             index  index.html index.php;

         location ^~ /forum/ {
              rewrite ^/forum/viewforum-18-bla.php$ 
/forum/viewforum.php?id=18 last;

         location ~ .php$ {
             include        fastcgi_params;


my config would work, if i duplicate the fastcgi_pass directive in 
"location ^~ /forum/". But is this duplication really needed?

Thanks for an advice.

And keep up the good work with nginx!
Matevz Sernc-Urban

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