fastcgi problem

Paul van der Linden msn at
Sat Feb 21 12:17:22 MSK 2009

I was trying to install moin on fastcgi with nginx.
The problem is I only see the front page of the moin wiki, and any other
url don't seem to make its way through nginx to the fastcgi process. It
just displays the default page. Am I doing something wrong with my nginx
My location configuration for moin :

        location / {
           fastcgi_pass   localhost:8888;
           fastcgi_index  moin.fcg;

           fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME
           fastcgi_param  QUERY_STRING     $query_string;
           fastcgi_param  REQUEST_METHOD   $request_method;
           fastcgi_param  CONTENT_TYPE     $content_type;
           fastcgi_param  CONTENT_LENGTH   $content_length;
           fastcgi_param  DOCUMENT_URI       $document_uri;
           fastcgi_param  DOCUMENT_ROOT      /;


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