flv streaming and proxy_pass

Michal Frackowiak lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Feb 24 22:45:32 MSK 2009

Honestly I think making mp4 of flv modules capable of streaming videos 
from a proxy source would be great. One way around we are just trying 
(we are streaming from S3) is to mount the S3 bucket through a FUSE 
filesystem and make mp4 stream it from there. There are (unfortunately) 
a few other problems with that, e.g. s3fs cannot fetch parts of the file 
(seek), it downloads the whole file, but we are on our way for a custom, 
read-only filesystem that does the trick.

Caching files locally is also a good option, but when you have thousands 
of large movies it makes it quite difficult. Direct streaming would be 
much nicer.

@Karolis: how exactly can you do this with lighttpd? Any reference?

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