is it possible to connect to memcached and check in access phase?

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Wed Feb 25 15:52:31 MSK 2009

Marcus Clyne wrote:
> A few months ago I wrote a basic Nginx module using both the newer
> libmemcached library and the older libmemcache by Sean Chittenden to get
> a value from memcached and set an Nginx variable.  Both were blocking
> (i.e. didn't use an asynchronous approach), and I only tested them on a
> local installation of memcached.  The quicker of the two was the older
> libmemcache library (by quite a lot, actually), probably because the
> code itself is simpler.

Hi Marcus,

Would it be possible to release the code for this module? A while ago I 
wrote some extensions for the original Nginx memcached module 
(, so I'm highly interested in 
this subject.


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