Newbie config not catching virtual host.

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at
Fri Feb 27 04:27:20 MSK 2009


I've just set up a domain name and i can't get nginx to parse to the
correct subfolder. I think this is related to fastcgi, caused by an
error between my chair and keyboard.

I have  /var/www/nginx-default/ with a default page; and i have a
subfolder with a site, so /var/www/nginx-default/subfolder/

- What i want:
If a user enters:
s/he should get: /var/www/nginx-default/subfolder/
which would become: /var/www/nginx-default/subfolder/index.php
(preferably without showing the filename in the adress bar)

- What i have:
If i enter i get the default page at
wwwroot, no css or images;
if i enter i get the 404 error page;
if i enter i get the
page i want, php-parsed, no css or images.
This is the same if i use the IP adress instead (only much faster),
although browser-caching had me confused for a while...

This is my config:


I'm sure there are things i could replace with variables, set up a
default catch all, etc, but i'd take one step at a time...
This is probaby a missing coma or something, any help would be appreciated.

Nuno Magalhães

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