fcgiwrap upstream errors

Chris Cortese cortese.consulting at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 12:52:21 MSK 2009


I'm still trying to get fcgiwrap to handle a hello, world perl cgi script.

I run:

spawn-fcgi -f /usr/local/bin/fcgiwrap -s /tmp/cgi.sock

The first time I try to pull up my cgi-bin/test.pl file, I get:

connect() to unix:/tmp/cgi.sock failed (13: Permission denied) while 
connecting to upstream

Then I tried chmod o+w /tmp/cgi.sock

and then I get:

upstream closed prematurely FastCGI stdout while reading response header 
from upstream

... I read most of the 42 results I got from querying the mailing list 
about this error.... to no avail.

Any other suggestions?


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