Anıl Çetin anil at saog.net
Sat Jan 3 14:20:26 MSK 2009

Selam Hakan:)
 the "start" variable stands for "start from XXX byte" -not second- , 
you must check compile time options (did you configure with 
--with-http_flv_module? ) , check config file  and file path in flash also.

hakan durukan yazmış:
> hi,
> its my first post here.we are working for making a video player on 
> nginx server with .flv module but we sticked to the problem that we 
> want to tell the nginx to start from the following address but it 
> doesnt.we want to make video streaming by this command but it doesnt 
> recognize?any help would be appreciated?
> >>>> the command is:       netStr.play("/videos/test.flv?start=004");
> any ideas?

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