Mod GeoIp Help Please?

Shri @ DevLib.Org shri at
Mon Jan 5 17:54:16 MSK 2009

Hello Everyone,

Have migrated everything over to nginx / fastcgi from apache / sapi mod_cgi and so far everything looks really good. 

I now need to implement what might be the only component that slows things down for us - geoip.

We've been using MaxMind on Apache to block A1 (Anon Proxy) / A2 (Sat Providers) IP ranges and this was fairly trivial using .htaccess. 

With nginx we need to be blocked from some parts of several sites.

For example 
Site 1: /classifieds/
Site 2: /jobs/

>From I can see I need to do the following, after having converted the MaxMind CSV file to the appropriate format.

geo    $country {
    include /site/config/geoip.ngx;

My question: How do I now block AI and A2 from /classifieds/ and /jobs/? 


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