http_sub_module, need help

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Fri Jan 9 10:03:35 MSK 2009

The http_sub_filter_module can substitue one string to another.
Sometimes it dosen't work because of gzip. If the HTTP packets come from backend and the client's HTTP request header comes with "Content-Encoding:gzip", then the entire packets is compressed.
Maybe you can set like this: “proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding '';“ , but any response will not compressed any more.


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主题:http_sub_module, need help

I am using nginx as a reverse proxy for IBM Lotus Domino Web Mail.
Since there are some internal only URL in email content, I need
http_sub_module to modify(add some prefix ) the URL so that user
outside intranet can click the link and access through another portal.

I add

   sub_filter aaa bbb;
   sub_filter_types application/json application/x-javascript;
   sub_filter_once off;

into the nginx.conf and it does not work.'aaa' is not replaced by 'bbb'

However, if I save the web page as html file or generate some json
which contains 'aaa'. It can be replace by 'bbb'.

Therefore, it there any other options besides `Content-Type` can
prevent http_sub_module replacing the word?

Sorry for my bad English...

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