Multiple client_max_body_size (location based)

Juan Fco. Giordana juangiordana at
Wed Jan 14 02:00:48 MSK 2009

Thanks again Igor,

Everything works as expected.

The app I'm working on still needs fatcgi_index but I've moved it to the 
right location (server context).

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> You may set common fastcgi_param's on http or server level.
> However, any fastcgi_param overrides inherited fastcgi_param's,
> so you need to set all fastcgi_param's in @sitename.
> You do not need
>      fastcgi_index index.php;
> in
>      location ~ \.php$ {
> as fastcgi_index is required for "/dir/" requests which never match "\.php$".
> Also, I has moved rewrite's to exact locations.


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