Support for chunked POST/PUT bodies (was Re: Best way to have new features included...)

Rob Mueller robm at
Fri Jan 16 08:49:35 MSK 2009

> What would be the best way to go about having features added to nginx,
> either core of as optional modules. There are some rather basic features 
> that I would love to see included, but I do not believe I have the skill 
> to develop these modules. Are there developers that are for hire that can 
> contribute to the code, that would of course benefit the entire project?

I'd really like to get nginx to support chunked encoding of POST/PUT bodies. 
It's annoying that some mobile and DAV clients (OS X 10.5) don't work 
because nginx doesn't support this.

I know there was some mention of "... wait until Igor implements support for 
input filters"

I have no idea whether input filters are a "wish list" item, or are being 
worked on. I'm willing to contribute money to get this done. Is there anyone 
else that wants to see this?


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