how to use memcached with nginx-php-fpm-wordpress

Robert Gabriel lists at
Fri Jan 16 10:24:30 MSK 2009

I have a small server, running on CentOS with nginx 0.6.34 with php-fpm
and hosting a blog (using wordpress). Two days ago I installed memcached
and memcache extension for php, but as I understood, for php to work
with memcached, the application has to be build/developed on those
ideas, using some function from memcache extension which communicated
with memcached.

I was also reading only, there is a possibility to use memcached with
nginx, but most of the example where for dynamic content and dont really
know if in case of wordpress would work.

Doesnt anyone know if there is a possibility to "improve" the
performance of wordpress using memcached and of yes, can someone also
give me some examples?!

Thank you!
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