can some1 please convert this htaccess to nginx rewrite?

mike mike503 at
Fri Jan 16 20:41:35 MSK 2009

for vbseo this is all i have for one of my clients:

        location /forum/ {
/forum/vbseo_sitemap/vbseo_getsitemap.php?sitemap=$1 last;
                if ($request_filename ~ "\.php$") {
                        rewrite ^(.*)$ /forum/vbseo.php?vbseourl=$1 last;
                if (!-e $request_filename) {
                        rewrite ^/forum/(.*)$ /forum/vbseo.php?vbseourl=$1 last;

site also has other things (blogs etc) that have their own location
blocks and it seems to all work great.

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