performance problem with Tomcat

Chang Song tru64ufs at
Tue Jan 20 16:07:27 MSK 2009

Usually tcp_timestamps=1 is not a good idea since it adds overhead to  
processing, but my case is that if I don't have that one, sockets in  
grows unboundedly in such a way that the system runs out of port or
cannot allocate more sockets (throughput drops dramatically  

1/20/09, 오후 4:54, Robert Gabriel 작성:

> Robert Gabriel wrote:
>> Chang Song wrote:
>>> Thank you, Robert.
>>> Maybe I wasn't articulate enough.
>>> I am not using AJP port, I am simply using Tomcat directly.
>>> And I have all those sysctl setting correct, except tcp_timestamps.
>>> With tcp_timestamps=0, I am overflowing with too many sockets in
>>> TIME_WAIT. I have to use timestamps=1 to reduce the number of
>>> sockets in TIME_WAIT.
>>> 1/20/09, ���� 12:15, Robert Gabriel �ۼ�:
>> Well for me work... I dont know about timestamps, but I have to  
>> check a
>> bit on it, maybe you are right, but the rest of them will be usefull.
>> Also I use tomcat without keep-alive... meaning in nginx I have
>> keep-alive=0 and seems to work, faster and quite well... but I dont  
>> know
>> how good it is. :)
> P.S. I dont think tcp_timestamps is such a good idea to be set to 1...
> try to search it only, but I wouldnt recommend it.
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