wpad and firefox and nginx

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 20:23:54 MSK 2009

does any of you chaps know why, when firefox looks for wpad file 
error.log records:

open() "/usr/share/nginx/mail.dom.local/wpad.dat" failed (2: No such 
file or directory)

this is not a vs* wpad.dom.local's content, this vs serves from 
somewhere else
and a second later when pointed, firefox displays wpad.dom.local website 
when pointed directly to wpad file, obviously, wants to download it, so 
it sees it
only this initial wpad thing??

both domains are virtutal, both use the same ip
it's seem like it fails over alphabetically?? because 'm before 'w
if I give a different IP to mail.dom.local all works, firefox finds wpad

is it some sort of nginx constraints or firefox goes nuts
haven't a chance to troubleshoot it yet, but I will

I'm really curious if you have come across it?

*vs - virtual server

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