Option to disable the path in client_body_temp_path?

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Fri Jan 23 23:05:32 MSK 2009


I wanted to add "native" support for nginx in MogileFS and ran into  
the "client_body_temp_path must be on the device" problem.

The typical setup for a mogile storage node is to have a root of /var/ 
mogdata and then mount devices under that as /var/mogdata/dev123/.

The suggested workaround is to setup a location block with a custom  
client_body_temp_path in each.

However, in MogileFS devices can come and go at any time, and the  
storage/http-related code doesn't know about it - it just gets told  
which path to use.

It'd be fixed by having an option to just disable  
client_body_temp_path.  Either just write directly to the target or  
(better) write to the target directly but with a ".tmp-nginx-" prefix  
or ".nginx.tmp" suffux or something like that.   Would a patch for  
this be accepted?   (Or Igor, any chance you'd want to cook it up?)

  - ask

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