2-phase proxying

Mohammad Kolahdouzan mohammad_ysm at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 21:19:18 MSK 2009


I need to configure/modify nginx to use it in a 2-phase proxy kind of configuration in which:
  - use the hash value of one of the arguments in the original uri to find the index of the first backend server (defined in an upstream) that needs to be called,
  - generate a separate request from the original request and send it to the server specified in the previous stage,
  - parse the output of the first call and generate a second request and send it to the second backend server (possibly defined through another upstream),
  - return the reply from the second server back to the user

I am guessing that given the complexity, I would probably need to modify nginx, or possibly write a new module. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions, maybe it is possible to do it with just modifying the configuration(??), maybe there is something similar that is already built in which I can use to modify, if not, what nginx module (proxy, addition_filter, ...?) I need to modify or use to write my own module.


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