Something Strange Re-Iterate

Shamunda shamunda at
Thu Jan 29 00:39:44 MSK 2009

Ah cool...Ok
Here's the Link to the main nginx.conf file:
and here's the link to one of my 'include' files for my virtual host: 
include for cluster1:
include for cluster2:
include for cluster3:
Each host has a seperate directory; so cluster1 would be in directory of ../cluster1 etc..etc...  They all pretty much are the same except the ip changes...
So the weird thing I'm experiencing is that if i only user the IP address in "server_name" then all my includes always redirect to
but if for example I put fqdn in the cluster2 server_name:  server_name
then it works as it should, and cluster2 sticks to cluster2.  
Any ideas why this would happen?
Thanks for your help.


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Can you post your whole config somewhere like ?
 That might help pinpoint it easier.

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