404 instead of "no inout file specified"?

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at eu.ipp.pt
Wed Jul 1 17:52:06 MSD 2009


If i provide a valid URL, it's processed.
If i provide an invalid URL, nginx shows the 404 page except it the
invalid URL ends in .php - in that case i get the "no input file
specified" message.

I'm in the process of changing my php files to an html extension (i
assume that would "fix" things), however, i'd like to get a 404
instead of the message regardless.

I tried using "fastcgi_intercept_errors off" in the conf for my server
(in sites-available), but it didn't do anything (i did restart both
nginx and the fast-cgi processes).

Is there a better way?

Nuno Magalhães

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