nginx Kerberos/SPNEGO/etc. module

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Fri Jul 3 21:54:53 MSD 2009


If you're interested in this module, I am politely asking for some
contributions towards it. I am going to probably ask one of the MIT
Kerberos guys to do a quick scan over the code and tweak any Kerberos
based stuff that could be optimized (he doesn't come cheap) and then
possibly contract an nginx-capable developer to mature it from that
side too.

I've already put some funds in and I am willing to put a little bit
more, but if this is something you want, please contact me, it would
be great to have some of the best eyeballs looking at the code and
mature it sooner rather than later.

I also plan on releasing it and maybe sticking it on github or
something, so that anyone can contribute and such, but before that I'd
like to get it stable as it can be. :)


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