Thanks !

Jérôme Loyet jerome at
Tue Jul 7 16:19:59 MSD 2009

Hi all, Hi Igor,

I've been working on a huge event for one of my customer. We were
running apache / php5_module. We switched to nginx with proxy to
apache / php5_module. The proxy_cache feature and gzip level 9 have
been used.

Last year for the same event we hadn't been able to handle the stream
with 8 servers ... this year we've been able to handle it without any
problems with only 2 servers (only one should have been enough but we
needed redundancy).

A summary:
> 300 Mbits/s out bandwith
> 60 Mbits/s in bandwith
> 7000 requests / s
< 60% cpu per server
since 8AM more than 50 000 000 hits have been served
response time constant and excellent (more than 90% of the requests
have been served in less than 10ms)
Nginx 0.8.4 (I know this is not a production version but It works so
good. I don't have any good reasons not to use it.)

I'm not suprise by thoses results as it's been benched recently. But I
just want to thanks Igor and all of you for your time working on nginx
and the amazing work accomplished. Few months back, the first time I
looked at nginx, the cache support didn't even exist (except for
proxy_store) and now it's fully working ... it was just all we were
waiting for.

I'll try to make an article somewhere about all that but I'm not sure
I'll be able to (politic is politic).

++ Jerome

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