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Jérôme Loyet jerome at
Tue Jul 7 19:34:24 MSD 2009

2009/7/7 jeff emminger <jemminger at>:
>>> mod_balancer
>> We're not using mod_balancers, we have two dedicated servers running
>> LVS. LVS load balances requests to nginx which sent the request to
>> apache / php on localhost.
> I'm just curious as to why putting nginx in front of it all allows
> apache+php to handle the load, when it seems to be handling the same
> requests (for the php) as before.  Unless there is a lot of static
> content that nginx is now handling?

nginx as a reverse proxy handles the connections (keepalived) so
apache does not have to spend time and ressources to handle them. THen
nginx is caching PHP pages, so apache load is much much less than
before (hundreds of process befire, only several now).

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