Password-protected dirs working but reporting unexpected errors

Igor Sysoev is at
Thu Jul 9 11:58:29 MSD 2009

On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 09:42:05PM -1000, TinyApps.Org wrote:

> I sent this out a week ago and received no reply,
> so I am trying a second and final time to see if
> anyone can assist:
> Password protected directories are working fine,
> but when a legitimate user logs in, the following
> appears in the error log:
> [error] 3876#0: *12 no user/password was provided for basic  
> authentication
> despite the fact that the username and password
> *were* supplied, and access was granted.

The HTTP Basic authentication works as following:
*) A browser requests a page without user/password.
*) A server response with 401 page, sending realm as well.
   At this stage the 401 code appears in access_log and the message
   "no user/password ..." appears in error_log.
*) The browser shows a realm/login/password prompt.
*) If a user will press cancel, then the browser will show the received
   401 page.
*) If the user enters login/password, then the browser repeats the request
   with login/password.

Then until you will exit the browser, it will send these login/password
with all requests in protected hierarchy.

> A bad username/password produces the expected error:
> [error] 3876#0: *12 user "whatever" was not found in "/etc/nginx/htpass"
> Has anyone else seen this or have any idea why such
> an error would be triggered?

Igor Sysoev

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