[confused] a client request body is buffered to a temporary file

Glen Lumanau glen at lumanau.web.id
Mon Jul 13 12:09:12 MSD 2009

I tried to find on google for the solution for this

But still no luck


2009/07/13 15:05:22 [warn] 32467#0: *6899 a client request body is buffered
to a temporary file /var/lib/nginx/body/0/00/0000000000, client:, server: mydomain.com, request: "POST /backend.php/F3/saveTV
HTTP/1.0", host: "mydomain.com", referrer:


Here's the config that I used


server {

          listen        80 default;

          server_name   mydomain.com www.mydomain.com;

          root          /home/web;

          index         index.php;


          charset utf-8;


          location ~ \.(gif|jpg|png|jpeg|swf|js|css|flv)$ {

                expires     30d;



          location / {

           proxy_set_header  X-Real-IP  $remote_addr;

           proxy_set_header Host $http_host;

           proxy_set_header  X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;


           proxy_pass         ;


           client_max_body_size         500m;

           client_body_buffer_size      1024k;


           proxy_connect_timeout        100;

           proxy_send_timeout           100;

           proxy_read_timeout           100;


           fastcgi_read_timeout         180;


           proxy_buffer_size            64k;

           proxy_buffers                4 64k;

           proxy_busy_buffers_size      128k;

           proxy_temp_file_write_size   128k;




Help me please.. i'm so confused

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