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Wed Jul 15 01:47:04 MSD 2009


The authentication on windows now seems to work, to an extent. No more 
500 errors! --> thanks!

However, I can not seem to get it to recognise the password supplied by 
the user unless the user supplies the hashed password.

The attached htpasswd file was created by htpasswd in Linux (htpasswd in 
Windows doesn't do crypt); and nginx 0.6.32 running in Linux has no 
problems with it. But nginx 0.8.5 in Vista wont accept 'password' as the 
password, it will only accept 'xGtGE5iXWkYCI'

   htpasswd -db /var/www/.htpasswd nginx2 password
and nginx accepts not 'password' but 'xGtGE5iXWkYCI' in Windows.

Sorry, couldn't be bothered compiling nginx for Linux (I need sleep now) 
to see if it was Windows specific or version specific.

Any ideas?
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