Simple permissions problem

John Moore grails at
Thu Jul 16 17:33:43 MSD 2009

Sorry, this should be dead simple but it's not working for me...

I have a directory, called 'php', within my main directory which 
contains fragments of HTML to be included in my main pages (either by 
SSI or by PHP includes). I do not want any of these fragments to be 
directly accessible by a browser. That is, I want 
'' to fail.

I have the following in my nginx.conf, but it doesn't work - 
'' still brings up the fragment 
in the browser. What do I need to do? (And, on a completely separate 
note, do I have to specify the full path to the root in each of my 
hosts, or is there some shortcut for this)?

    server {
        listen 80;
        location /php {
            root /var/www/nginx-default/;
            deny all;



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