Cache logging

Jim Ohlstein jim at
Sun Jul 19 09:00:31 MSD 2009

After the last thread I went through several iterations of cache logging 
and I'm getting good information from it.

One thing I noticed (not from these logs but from elsewhere) is that I 
was getting a fair number of "hotlink" requests for items that were in 
my cache. Thousands from the same IP's in fact. So I blocked those IP's 
but the links are still active and I'm seeing many requests for these 
items. The client is getting a 403 and that's how it's logged in the 
access log but $upstream_cache_status returns a dash ("-") which is not 
always very helpful. It would be more helpful if I could get a more 
descriptive log entry, like "BLOCKED" or "DENIED". Is that something 
that could be added in a future version?


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