variables in "include"

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Tue Jul 21 04:01:43 MSD 2009

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Marcus Clyne<maccaday at> wrote:

> Wrt PHP, I've not tried it out so I'm not sure precisely how it works.  I'm
> assuming that all directories are searched, though, and that lower-levels
> override higher levels.  In that case, it makes sense to start at the
> bottom, since then you will only set each option once - if you discover the
> option at a higher level, then you don't need to save it, because you
> already have an option that is more specific.  It makes sense to do it this
> way if you don't need the option to prevent parsing of options in lower
> directories, but with server-level htaccess files, you would want that.

i was explained that it searches for cwd/current dir, and then down to
the document root in that order. i am not sure if it stops once it
hits a file though or continues. i want to say it stops. i might be
wrong. i got the explanation on IRC and actually asked to try to write
it up so they could post it but i didn't think about asking about the
stopping-on-finding-a-file deal.

> The stat call wouldn't be a big overhead if carried out asynchronously, but
> would really slow down the server if it wasn't.

okay, then make it async :)

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