HTTP Purge support for (fastcgi|proxy)_cache

Dave Cheney dave at
Wed Jul 22 02:15:52 MSD 2009

Hi Johan,

Can you not just delete the cache files on disk ?



On 21/07/2009, at 10:34 PM, Johan Bergström wrote:

> Hey guys (and girls)
> We're using fastcgi_cache/proxy_cache quite extensively at our  
> sites, and are in dire need of purging content from our cache.  
> Explicit files will do in our case, but I clearly see the point of  
> wildcards. The only config option I can think of (except modifying  
> parts related to proxy_cache and fastcgi_cache such as  
> proxy_cache_methods) is some kind of "allow_purge" ACL that is  
> similar to the allow-directive already found in Nginx.
> We can offer funding for such a feature if feasible assuming this is  
> open sourced and preferably ends up in upstream if Igor sees fit.  
> Please contact me off list for further discussion if you're  
> interested!
> Thanks,
> Johan Bergström

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