xgdlm grangier at
Thu Jul 23 00:31:59 MSD 2009

Le 21 juil. 09 à 15:51, Juergen Gotteswinter a écrit :

> Hello,
> is there a syslog patch for nginx 0.7.XX available, too? i need  
> remote syslog support ... or is there any other solution for this?

here is a syslog patch for 0.7.34 (credit to Marlon de Boer for  
original patch)

I don't know if it works on other versions of the 0.7 branch.
I've been using this patch without anyproblem... but I use it very  
special setup :

** Nginx proxy servers are using regular nginx log feature (access and  
** Nginx application server are patched for syslog logging but ..  
access log is set to off and I __only__ log critical errors to  
syslog ...


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