Content negotiation?

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at
Mon Jul 27 15:39:23 MSD 2009

> nginx does not support content negotiation since I never saw working
> content negotiation setups, at least in Russia. Could you show good
> examples ?

I have just started learning about content negotiation, so i am no
expert by any measure. This is the little i found so far:

This W3 site [1] briefly explains it and provides links to other
related sites as well as to this japanese site [2], which supports
content negotiation (for language). There's also another site [3]
which covers the issue and has examples... for Apache.

Most examples i found cover content negotiation for multi-language
sites, although the concept can be used for any type of file.

Hope this helps somehow...

Nuno Magalhães


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