Possible to proxy uploads to an upstream server?

Dan Herrera dan at revelationglobal.com
Tue Jul 28 20:22:52 MSD 2009

Greetings all,

We're trying to have two nginx servers that proxy uploads to a central
server for the purposes of processing video.

We're having an issue in this scenario where upload progress won't
show up because the request to view the progress of the upload will
sometimes hit the other nginx server in the load balanced cluster
which isn't tracking the upload.

We had the idea that the central video server could track the upload
for us, and report progress, but we've been unable to pass the upload
through directly to the end point without being buffered by the
client-facing nginx servers.  When the client-facing server buffers
the upload, we don't see upload progress from the remote server,
because the entire upload is passed through at one time.

Is it possible to direct the client-facing server to not buffer the upload.



p.s.  Thank you so very much for your hard work on nginx!

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