nginx 0.7.59 open_file_cache and NFS

andan andan armdan20 at
Wed Jun 10 13:49:00 MSD 2009


We have two nginx serving static objects from a shared NFS partition,
and we are using open_file_cache for performance purposes:

With nginx 0.6.x, when the developers uploads files, during a few
seconds (less than 30s) we see this errors in logs:

[alert] 2721#0: *75303 sendfile() failed (116: Stale NFS file handle)
while sending response to client, client: XXX ....

I understand that is a normal behaviour because we are using a open_file_cache.

But, when we upgrade to nginx 0.7.59 the same errors appears
indefinitely (and of course we are sending corrupted objects or
blank), it seems that, open_file_cache_valid is been ignored in new

Any idea, tip or recomendation ?

In other hand, is recomended the use of open_file_cache, until now, we
are very happy with it.

Thanks in advance.

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