figured out javascript, now just $_POST issue remaining

Chris Cortese at
Sun Mar 1 16:10:09 MSK 2009

I fixed the javascript problem.  Now I understand that only one 
"location" directive can be hit.  So in the following case:

location ~* (jpg|jpeg|gif|png|js|css) {
      expires    30d;
      access_log off;

 location /javascript/ {
     rewrite ^/javascript/(.*)$ /combine.php?type=javascript&files=$1 last;

when requesting /javascript/prototype.js,scriptaculous.js ...  the latter piece was not getting hit.

the only thing (I think) that's left is getting the $_POST array to post through, as it does not work with simply:

  location / {
     error_page  404 = /index.php?q=$request_uri;

and the patch I found out there, as I think I said before, sounds like it conflicts with the latest nginx code.

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