Emulate mod_auth_mysql in nginx?

Floren Munteanu nginx at yqed.com
Fri Mar 20 23:23:16 MSK 2009

> Written from scratch, implementing the MySQL wire protocol?
> By the way, after having implemented a pure PostgreSQL client in
> Python,
> I tried to do the same with MySQL; but protocol design is very bad,
> compared to PostgreSQL, so I gave up; it does not make sense to waste
> time with MySQL, IMHO

My goal is to store into a database table the username/password for a
Then, to have a htaccess like popup show when someone will reach that

Right now I can do it easy with a htpasswd file, in nginx.
But I think it is much more convenient to have a web interface where you can
manage the users, etc.
Let me know if there is a similar solution I could use, with all user info
stored into a MySQL database instead of a file.


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