Hold requests long enough for me to restart upstream?

Cliff Wells cliff at develix.com
Sat Mar 21 03:39:20 MSK 2009

On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 13:09 -0700, Rt Ibmer wrote:
> Does anyone have some ideas about this? I have an update to do this
> weekend that will require me to bounce the upstream, and it would be
> great not to drop any connections in the process.  Hoping to hear
> something shortly.  Thank you!!

Is there a particular reason you can't run a second instance of the
Jetty server on a different port?   This would allow you to restart one,
let Nginx failover to the second until the first comes back up, and then
restart the second.   As a bonus, you'd probably see a moderate increase
in performance since Nginx would load-balance them in normal operations.


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