Best practices for running Perl?

luben karavelov luben at
Sat May 2 04:25:55 MSD 2009

Mark Aiken wrote:
> Let me ask a more focused question, since we don't really need to use
> the nginx list to debate web languages.
>  1 - Is the nginx built-in Perl module ready for production use? Has
> anyone here used it in a production environment?
>  2 - If not, what is the current best practice for running Perl behind
> nginx in production?

Му experience is running FCGI processes behind nginx. You should make an 
init script to run them (look for FCGI-ProcManager) or you could use 
"spawn-fcgi" from lighttpd distribution or cgi-fcgi distributed with 
libfcgi. You should start the scripts independently of the http server.

>  3 - What is the current best practice for running PHP behind nginx in
> production? Is this better than the answer for Perl?

fcgi processes

> Thanks!
> Mark

If you are using CGI::Application as a framework, send me a mail 
off-list to share some experience.

Best regards
Luben Karavelov

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