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Jim Ohlstein nginx-forum at
Sat May 2 17:44:17 MSD 2009

And one spammer has gotten all of y'all to re-post his garbage multiple times. :p

This guy was smart enough not only to get past the captcha but also was not caught by Akismet. Oddly, Akismet has caught some legitimate posts and I have had to manually approve them. I believe that this posting had only email links and not http links and perhaps that is why?

In any event, I'm sorry for the one email. The others are the responsibility of their senders. ;)

In addition to Captcha and Akismet, I have added a requirement for email confirmation on all new registrations, something I had preferred not to do thus far. I also switched to reCaptcha.

Hopefully these two measures, plus Akismet will eliminate 99.9% of the spam.

Thanks for your indulgence.

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