Possible bug in nginx or upstream fair module?

Phil Murray lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon May 4 03:22:11 MSD 2009

Momchil Ivanov wrote:
> Hi,
> I am seeing some strange behavior with nginx 0.6.32, 0.6.35 and 0.6.36 
> with
> upstream fair load balancer and the patches from [1] for statistics. On 
> [2]
> you can see the statistics taken from nginx via the stub status module. 
> The
> bug that I am seeing results in the increase of the values ( everyting 
> above
> 1k ), it seems that at some points the counters just go up and I need to
> restart nginx in order to get correct values. I do not have a way to
> reproduce it, it just happens at some point (might be a day, might be a 
> week
> or more after nginx was started).
> I am also seeing jumps in the statistics for connections to upstreams 
> (from
> the patches in [2]). The counters for upstreams can be reset with 
> sending HUP
> to nginx, but the counters from stub status not. The increase in these 
> values
> results in nginx marking the upstream as down and "no live upstreams 
> while
> connecting to upstream" in the error log. In the nginx conf I have an
> upstream with 10 php backends using fair in peak mode.

I've been seeing this same behaviour with nginx 0.6.35 and the latest 
github version of the fair balancer patch. I don't use any of the stats 
stuff however.

Turning off 'fair' from the upstream block seems to have fixed it, but 
ofcourse gone back to the suboptimal balancing.

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