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John Stykes lists at
Tue May 5 07:59:14 MSD 2009

Hi, im hoping i can get some insight into why the following rewrite
rules are not working (or if I am missing the boat alltogether in using
rewrites at all for this problem).

I am currently using nginx to support a backend website to serve static
files. In most cases everything is fine with the urls that come in the
format of:


the problem however occurs when 2 specific requests come to the server
with the following requests:


typically all the requests are mapped to a specific folder like so:

/clientfiles/Support/somecategory/somefile.doc would be mapped to

but the 2 specific urls above are problematic because of the spaces (in
both) and the ampersand (in one).

i've tried endless rewrite rules to make the 2 examples above point to a
different directory on the filesystem but nginx cannot find the file and
i get 404 errors. Filesystem is linux.

I have tried using a directory with spaces escaped with \ - no luck

Thanks in advance for any help.
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