Kerberos authentication module for nginx

Matteo Redaelli lists at
Wed May 6 14:51:01 MSD 2009

Ciao Michael

I have testing your alpha/beta kerberos module and it seems to work

I notice that

*) you cannot setup user prompt for workstation not joined to teh domain 
(I get it with a linux workstation and with mod_auth_kerb and parameter 
"KrbMethodK5Passwd on")
*) it is not possibile to limit the users (for instance indicating a 
list of users, an AD group [but could not be possible because of 
kerberos protocol])

I hope that you will distribute the patch to the forum and ask other 
people to test it. Or better create an opensource project (github, 
google code,sourceforge) where everyone can contribute and improve it.

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