Is anyone else amazed at how many people use nginx on Windows?

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at
Thu May 7 01:55:11 MSD 2009

> If you're looking for performance, is Windows really your target OS?
> and security?

You might be responsible for the webserver, but not the OS.
Security-wise dunno, but i've heard good things about Server 2007 in
general. Personally i wouldn't use Redmond stuff unless i had no other

> Not to mention things like php-fpm don't exist...
Isn't there CLI PHP? Hmm... you'd need a daemon for that...

> I've been surprised at the demand for nginx on Windows. I figure
> people running nginx are looking for a high performance solution, and
> why anyone would run Windows for python/perl/php/fastcgi stuff makes
> me very confused. I'd only run Windows if I needed .NET/ASP/something
> Windows-y.

Like i said, the webadmin might have no say on the OS. Or they may be
brainwashed, not uncommon, i had a classmate (computer Engineering!!)
that told me last week he didn't try linux 'cos it wasn't
user-friendly... I asked him if he ever had tried, maybe Ubuntu or
anthing gnome... No, he'd never tried it. It's a sad but true example,
some people are taught to be mouse engineers and all they see is the
winlogo. Alas...

Nuno Magalhães

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